Prelekcja w Południku Zero w Warszawie

Zapraszam serdecznie na prelekcję pod tytułem “Jak zobaczyć zorzę polarną i znaleźć gorące źródła na Islandii?” W Południku Zero w Warszawie.(ul. Wilcza 25)! Podczas prelekcji opowiem o odkrywaniu Islandii, tamtejszych cudów natury i stylu życia jej mieszkańców: o zachodach słońca po północy, przepięknych fiordach i wodospadach, o tym, jak zobaczyłam wieloryby i maskonury, o sporach … More Prelekcja w Południku Zero w Warszawie

2016 in pictures

In 2017 I am planning to work on my blog definitely more than in the previous year. The first post of 2017 is however a recap of 2016. It was a very eventful year: I visited 6 countries, one of them for the very first time. I have chosen the best pictures of 2016, let … More 2016 in pictures

Bolonia Hike

My first hike in Andalusia took place in Bolonia, close to the famous Tarifa. Bolonia is known for its dune, beautiful beaches, and lovely views from the hills. Below some pictures taken during the hike 🙂      

Semana Santa in Spain

Before coming to Spain I didn’t know that Semana Santa (the Holy Week) was such a big deal here. It’s actually Andalusia where the most glamorous celebrations take place throughout the whole week. Many Catholic communities perform processions on the streets each evning during the last week of Lent, however the biggest and the most … More Semana Santa in Spain


Seville is the capital of Andalusia and the fourth biggest city in Spain. It has a really interesting history which can be reflected in the architecture and tradition of the city. It’s worth mentionning that it is also the capital of flamenco. As it’s not by the sea, Seville has a harbour on the river … More Sevilla


It’s been almost 3 months since I moved to Spain so it’s high time to post some pictures taken here. Moving to Spain/Gibraltar after almost half a year in Iceland and then 7 weeks in Poland was a bit of a shock. Temperatures here now are way higher than in Iceland during the summer, I’m … More Estepona

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has always been on my bucket list so when planning my trip to Canada I had no doubts I had to see these famous waterfalls. I had great expectations and maybe that’s why I was disappointed when I finally got there. Or maybe that’s because I got used to seeing many wonderful waterfalls … More Niagara Falls

Toronto Islands

During my stay in Toronto I went to Toronto Islands for a few hours (I would have stayed longer but I didn’t have much time – I wanted to see as much as possible in Toronto as well). Podczas mojego pobytu w Toronto udałam się na Wyspy Torontońskie na parę godzin (na pewno zostałabym dłużej, … More Toronto Islands


Going to Canada directly from Iceland was quite a surreal experience. Only after 5 months in Iceland one can get excited about 7 sunny days in a row (that’s rather impossible to happen in Iceland), big cities, familiar lanscapes and 25 degrees. But of course that’s not all I enjoyed during my stay in Canada. … More Toronto