Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has always been on my bucket list so when planning my trip to Canada I had no doubts I had to see these famous waterfalls. I had great expectations and maybe that’s why I was disappointed when I finally got there. Or maybe that’s because I got used to seeing many wonderful waterfalls… More Niagara Falls

Toronto Islands

During my stay in Toronto I went to Toronto Islands for a few hours (I would have stayed longer but I didn’t have much time – I wanted to see as much as possible in Toronto as well). Podczas mojego pobytu w Toronto udałam się na Wyspy Torontońskie na parę godzin (na pewno zostałabym dłużej,… More Toronto Islands


Going to Canada directly from Iceland was quite a surreal experience. Only after 5 months in Iceland one can get excited about 7 sunny days in a row (that’s rather impossible to happen in Iceland), big cities, familiar lanscapes and 25 degrees. But of course that’s not all I enjoyed during my stay in Canada.… More Toronto


One of the last places on my “must see in Iceland” list was Landmannalaugar, a magical spot in the Icelandic Highlands, just at the edge of Laugahraun lava field. What I liked most about the trip wasn’t the place itself, but a number of wonderful sites that I saw on the way to and from… More Landmannalaugar


Two weeks ago I experienced a very Icelandic tradition: sheep round up called Réttir. Sheep in Iceland spend the spring and summer roaming the country’s mountains and valleys unfettered but come autumn they must be sought out, herded together, sorted among local farms and brought home for the winter. Réttir starts in September and can… More Réttir


Before leaving Iceland I managed to go once again to the beautiful Westfjords. This time it was a weekend trip to the Southern part of this picturesque area. The weather was surprisingly good: sunny and not windy at all. Apart from visiting many beautiful places, I also found three natural hot pots there (unfortunately due… More Westfjords

Hengill Hike

As my stay in Iceland is coming to its end (less than a month left!), I’m trying to make the most of it and get to see a lot despite the bad weather. Last weekend I went for a nice, but also pretty tiring hike in the Hengill area. It was tiring mainly because of… More Hengill Hike